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"Positive Discipline has been a lifesaver for us. It was amazing to learn that so much of our kid's misbehavior was driven by the way we spoke and reacted to them. We feel equipped with skills and strategies that work under any circumstances. By simply adjusting the way we deliver our message, choosing our words strategically, and letting the consequences do the teaching, our kids are learning to think for themselves. This is one of the best gifts we can give our kids!"
- Sally Randloph, Roseville, CA

The Positive Discipline approach provides wonderful tools for raising happy, responsible children while increasing the odds of maintaining sanity as a parent.  No one ever said parenting was easy, but Positive Discipline has truly helped build confidence in both my children and my husband and me as parents.  There are numerous Positive Discipline books, but there is no comparison to actually taking a Positive Discipline class.  As a School Psychologist, I have recommended and will continue to recommend Kristen's Positive Discipline series to all parents seeking to foster responsible, confident, problem-solving children.  As a parent, I am proud that my children announce that their mom has attended Positive Discipline classes to be the best mom she can be."
- Robyn Hubbard, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

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"Kristen is the ultimate Positive Discipline facilitator! Using examples from her own personal experiences, specific situations, while teaching the tools and strategies they can apply to any problem they may face with their kids. With a casual and engaging presentation style, Kristen offers dialogue and expertise you can’t get from reading a book. I have personally recommended Kristen Baisden’s series to scores of parents, grandparents, and teachers who wanted to raise and inspire well-behaved, well-rounded kids and teens. If you’re looking for answers, Kristen Baisden can help you find them!"
- Adam S. Botwinik, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

"Positive Discipline is a fantastic program! My kids are learning to take responsibility for their actions without blaming others. Thank you for helping me raise responsible children who will become responsible adults." Raças de Cachorros​
- Jackie Roe, Roseville, CA

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"Kristen is an engaging, entertaining speaker and really brings the material alive.  The Positive Discipline approach to parenting is an excellent tool that all parents should learn.  My husband and I decided to take this class as a way to expand our skills and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have utilized the Positive Discipline approach with our two boys and the results have been phenomenal. Instead of me struggling to wake up my 7.5-year-old in the morning, he now wakes himself up, gets dressed and comes looking for me to make breakfast. Our morning routine is now a joy instead of a stressful, frustrating, approach. Thanks to the methods that we learned in Kristen's Positive Discipline class. I would recommend this class, highly, to all parents."
- Baljit Atwal, Ph.D, Roseville, CA

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